Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Woes

Ugh. I really fell off the exercise horse this past week! Well, last weekend, in an attempt to rake in some extra green, I took on a weekend babysitting job. As a result I was forced to skimp out on exercise that Friday & Saturday (although I did challenge one of the little boys to a jumping jack competition...pulled out 100, breathlessly). I felt very slugglish & sedentary all weekend from lounging around, so Sunday, Billy and I played some fun and hardcore tennis, complete with bouts of suicides. Suicides are basically sprints done in a gym or on a court of some sort with lines. You sprint to the first line you see, then back, then up to the second line, and back, etc, until you've reached the last line and want to kill yourself, obviously. With all the running training I've been doing, I have to admit he still smoked me (girls don't have as many fast twitch muscle fibers!).

I made it back to the gym Monday for some running & plyometrics...the plyos were the most intense I think I've ever done and I was sore for at least 2 days afterward! I gave my muscle fibers more than enough time to heal, because I didn't make it to the gym again till Friday. I'm a big believer in making time for the gym and I hate using the excuse "I don't have time," but truly, I did not have time to get there this week. I could have, but having not seen any of my good friends in way too long, I chose to catch up with them instead and had a ton of schoolwork to finish as well. While I like to do the two on different days, I crammed in high-intensity running & a full strength workout Friday to make up for lost time. Also, I knew I'd be babysitting AGAIN this weekend (different fam, but another overnighter). Luckily, they had an exercise bike, so I managed to get in half an hour of moderate/vigorous intensity on there Saturday, plus today the kids & I played a ridiculously fun & sweaty game of soccer. My body's craving a good, long run, which I'm going to make sure happens tomorrow no matter what!

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