Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Fave Route + Tim Gunn's Guide to Bridesmaids

I hope everyone's weeks are off to a good start. With just a few weeks till Thanksgiving, it's time to get motivated to eat healthy and pick up the exercise in preparation for a coma-inducing dinner and more importantly dessert! Haha. Give thanks that the Lord has made us each wonderfully and given us bodies with bones, muscles, lungs, and a heart that were made to move. Honor His handiwork by treating it with respect and giving it the exercise it needs.

Yesterday I wanted to still take it pretty easy from my Saturday run, so I did some pretty basic strength training for just a half hour (avg HR of 126, 255 cals). It's getting pretty chilly outside and really feels like fall now, so running outside is getting to be a bit more effort and take some more thought. I took a nice long 5.5 mile run through Norfolk today, starting at Colley and 20th and taking the long way down to Waterside and back. It's one of my favorite routes and one that I haven't done since moving out of my Ghent apartment this past spring! Too bad there is so much construction now to navigate around. I was thrilled to have been able to go for such a long distance OUTSIDE without stopping (except at some red lights). Running on a treadmill is no feat compared to outside. It was also neat to see how far I've come along compared to when I used to run that route a few seasons ago. I used to jog so slowly I thought I could powerwalk at the same speed! Plus, I used to take walk breaks frequently, and I'd be exhausted by the end. This time I felt like I could have gone another mile easily if I had the time.

Here are my stats:

Distance: 5.5 mi

Avg HR: 156 (peaked somewhere in the high 160s)

Total Cals: 686

Time: 50 minutes

I had an exceptionally large lunch to compensate for the ridiculous amount of calories burned! Taste Unlimited=yum!

I am highly excited for this weekend. I will be headed up to DC with my parents...my mom & I are going to meet this guy:

In case it isn't obvious, that is the famous Tim Gunn from Project Runway! My mom is quite the fan and I have to say I'm not too apathetic about meeting him either. My dear friend Joanna was going to join us, but I didn't realize reservations had to be made, and they are already full:(

Since we're going to be in DC anyway, we are making a pit stop at Aria Bridesmaids, a wonderful little boutique I plan to use for my bridesmaids! I already have the dress and color picked out, but I am going to love being able to see it in real life before I make a final decision. I wish all of my lovely maids could accompany me on this trip!


Billy Colonna said...

I remember when I used to keep up with you jogging by power walking... Not Anymore!

Don't ask why I know this, but Tim Gunn was way famous in the fashion wold before project runway.

Kaleigh Nichole said...

I love running outside, and I feel like I could walk as fast as I'm jogging at the moment, my pace is around 12:30/mile, so I feel like a snail compared to my 7:45/mile back in high school. Soon it will be too cold what with the lovely wind we get out here so I'll have to renew my membership at the local gym for the winter (thank goodness for month to month).

I had to nix my MOH because of a failing friendship she didn't want to participate in so I brought in a new girl to be my MOH and I'm excited to get to go dress shopping with her. My bridesmaids are wearing the same material, color, and length but they're choosing the style they like most individually.