Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Group Fitness & Nordstrom Love Affair

I am a member of Gold's Gym, but I'm waiting to terminate my membership (next month). About a year ago I signed up because I was living in Norfolk, down the street from a brand new Gold's, & was put into a year-long contract. Well, since I ended up moving back home (Va Beach), I have been going to my "home gym"--Fitness 24-7. I love it so much more that Gold's, but since I have no choice but to keep paying until I can cancel next month, I have been trying to take advantage of their group fitness classes, which are pretty decent (24-7 is too small a gym to have real group fitness). Yesterday, I was excited about a class titled "Performance Athletic Conditioning." It ended up being a pretty lame class structure-wise, but I sure did sweat, especially at the end when we played one-on-one bball. How fun! That was the best part of the class. Today I was planning on doing something low-key (Gold's has a class called Body Flow, which I've never tried but is supposed to be a cross between yoga and pilates), but I had an itch for something worth my time, something more like strength I ended up in Body Pump (Gold' many "Body" classes can you come up with? For the record, they also have a Body Step and a Body Attack as far as I know!). I do love Body Pump, though! I'll definitely need to take the day off tomorrow...I'll plan on a Friday run.

Anyway, here are my stats:

Athletic Conditioning: avg HR=144, total cals=623
Body Pump: avg HR=117, total cals=442

Oh, and more importantly, Norstrom is having their women's half-yearly sale! Woohoo! I looove me some Nordstrom, but I have more of a "look but don't touch" relationship with them because of their sky-high prices. At least when Joanna was working there, I could take advantage of her employee discount! The half-yearly sale is a nice reprieve, and I managed to find some nice Nike sweatpants for $26.90. Does anyone else get more excited about workout clothes than regular clothes? I just would rather spend my money on good gear than a regular shirt or pants. Don't get me wrong, I love all types of shopping, but some I love more than others:)

I promise to post some wedding planning details very soon--but right now I've got to study for a Nutrition test tomorrow on vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. Summer, you feel me, right?


Amy said...

Hey, welcome to the blogging world! Mine is Sounds like you are doing a good job with the exercising!

Amy said...

Wow! I can't believe you are doing a marathon (or half- same difference). Zach just did a triathlon and I thought he was crazy! You should give your blog to Aunt Carol- she likes to read blogs.