Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sea Breeze and a PR

The week ended succesfully! It was actually hard for me to take Thursday off...I really wanted to do something active. Running to classes all day in the rain while lugging a heavy backpack was probably enough, though. Friday was so beautiful--warm and sunny! The Fiance and I took advantage of the weather and headed out to the oceanfront boardwalk for a nice jog. We did a pleasant 2.5 miles in 33 minutes (avg HR=141, 373 cals). It was nice to be able to talk and enjoy the amazing creation that is the ocean alongside us. Plus, how can you not feel motivated with King Neptune reigning above you?

I was surprised at how many people were out at the oceanfront in November--tons of runners and dogwalkers had the same idea as us. It was strange to see the "Holiday Lights at the Beach" already partway set up. There's no way we are entering the holiday season--it seems way too soon...but I am of course thrilled. There is nothing like this time of year, with family, fellowship, and yummy holiday sweets! Oh, and we got some work done on our Save the Dates, too. I think we'll probably be sending them out later next month, or maybe early January...not sure what the normal time frame is?

I made it to the gym Saturday (it was raining) and decided I was going to make a PR (personal record) for myself: run a 5k at a speed of 7.0 mph the ENTIRE time. I have always been a 10-minute-miler, so 8:34 minute miles are usually closer to sprints for me. But I felt like I had gotten to the point where running at that pace had become more of a "base pace" for me, and I actually did it! I did all 3.1 miles in under 27 minutes (26:40 to be exact). This was big news for me. I have never been into speed (although most runners wouldn't consider that to be too speedy!) but it felt great to know that I could do it. Around mile 2, I started to get really mentally fatigued, though, and I really had to push myself to not slow down. It was hard. Avg HR=156, peaked at 171, and got rid of 421 cals.

Everyone, enjoy your weeks and don't be afraid to get sweaty:)

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Billy Colonna said...

Hi Holly!
I enjoyed our "jog" I would have considered it more of a run at this point in my training.
In high school, my PR in cross-country was 24 minutes and some change for the 5k.
Love you