Saturday, November 29, 2008

no more pie for me!

How did you guys do over Thanksgiving? I love my family, my future family, and my friends. I can't put into words how thankful I am to God for sending me my future husband. I have had a really, really great Thanksgiving break. Plus, we bought a kitchen table and chairs at a consignment shop today! Total impulse buy, but we both loved it and the price was right! It was our first big future home purchase. The table and chairs have a brushed metal/aluminum finish and are kind of retro/modern. They are also small and the table top can flip up and out of the way. Perfect for our inevitable apartment living!

I last posted about my workouts from earlier this week...I woke up Thanksgiving morning and went with my dad to the gym, where I ran 2 fast miles on the TM, did some uphill powerwalking, and did some elliptical. It totaled 50 minutes and I burned around 550 cals (I accidentally erased my stats from my HRM). Friday I definitely took my first day off all week! I did end up playing football with a big group of people, but I probably did a whole lot more of looking confused/getting distracted by things than actual sport! Today I finally tried the Body Flow class at Gold's I've been meaning to go to for a few months's described as being a mix of yoga, pilates, and Tai Chi. In case you haven't noticed, I try to stay as far away from yoga-based exercise as possible (although I don't mind pilates too much) but I felt like giving it a body takes a lot of intense exercise so I thought I should incorporate something different. It was nice, actually. I'd do it again. It didn't really excite me or leave a lasting impression, and I definitely wouldn't trade it for other forms of exercise, but I think adding it in as an addition would be beneficial to my pathetically inflexible joints! I also went on an intended 3-mile run with the fiance, but we were really dragging our feet on this cold, cloudy day. I tried to pick up the pace in order to warm up, but I was freezing the whole time! Needless to stay we only stayed out 20 minutes (about 2 miles or so). I burned 253 cals, with an avg HR of 146 and a peak HR at 173 (thanks to a sprint at the end).

Even though I've only taken off 1 day this week, I feel groggy...from the huge meals/eating pretty much whatever I want! Thanksgiving is OVER! Time to get back to normal portion sizes and no more bedtime snacks!

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