Sunday, November 16, 2008

DC/exercise re-cap

Hello blog world! How was everyone's weekends? It's been a while since I last posted, but I have been keeping track of my workouts in this little training log I got for free when I got new running shoes last month. It's pretty handy; I tried maybe once before to log my workouts, but I lost interest pretty quickly...I'm going to keep doing it now though, in order to track my mileage as I train for the Shamrock. I want to make sure I stay on top of my training, but it's even more important to not OVER train and end up with an injury. I'm planning on increasing my total mileage by just about 1 mile a week.

But let's get to the real important stuff: Tim Gunn was FABULOUS! Of course. I tried to scan the photo I had taken with him (!) but my scanner isn't working. He was so sincerely nice though, just like on TV. I even got to hear him say "Make It Work!" two or three times. Perfect. I am sad to report, however, that we did not make it to Aria Bridesmaids. I found out they book appointments at least a month in advance, so I couldn't get an appointment. I'll probably just order a sample dress from them and see how that looks. After the fashion show, my mom & I met up with my dad and we trotted all around Arlington. We walked past a lululemon, which happens to be a great athletic apparel store. I was overwhelmed with the amazingly cute, high quality selection, and I had fun picking out some birthday presents for myself there! (I'll be 22 on Dec. 18th). There are rumors that Virginia Beach will be getting our own lululemon soon.

Since I last posted about my downtown run Tuesday, other workouts for the week included a Turbokick class at Gold' case you don't know, Turbokick is a trendy cardiokickbox/dance class, and it claims to burn up to 2,000 calories. I've done the class a few times, and while I always get a great workout, I never felt I burned anywhere close to that much. I brought my trusty HR monitor along with me this time, and really pushed it out, working as hard as I could within the structure of the class. Total cals: 531. Enough said.

Thursday I took off, and Friday I did a simple 2 mile run on the treadmill along with a steep 2 mile uphill walk. I forgot how much I like uphill walking. I think I should take up hiking...the few times I've done real hikes I've loved it. Maybe a late autumn hike in the Appalachian mountains complete with apple picking? Yes please....

Today after church, the fiance and I headed out for yet another downtown run! We cut it a bit shorter than usual, but still did 5 miles. I totaled 12.5 miles this week, up a bit from 10.6 miles last week. I'll shoot for 13-13.5 next week.

Do you log your workouts? If so, how does it benefit you?


Billy Colonna said...

5 miles! we are a little over a quarter of the way to a half-marathon now.

Also, I really like your Lululemon shorts, but I don't like saying the name.

RunningBride21 said...

My workout log is my blog for now. I haven't found a free site that I truly like logging on yet, but if I find one, I'll probably track my runs and workouts there. Our "mountains" barely qualify as mountains, haha, I think just about 1 foot above "mtn" qualification. Hiking and picking apples sounds like a blast!

chelseajean said...

i'm lovin the motivation and self control! - truly great qualities that i always tell you do well with.
yay lululemon!! <3