Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TM dates and tummy troubles

Happy Thanksgiving Eve blogworld! I am sitting here sipping a cup of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride herbal tea with a drizzling of honey mixed in...yum! I definitely recommend.

I think one of the things I'm most thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday is the imprint of the Lord in my life. I used to be such a "material girl" and just have lost most of that desire this past year. I don't feel that my identity is in things so much as in people and experiences, and most importantly, being a daughter of God. It sounds simple enough, but it's so easy to try and find self worth/fill voids with THINGS. I sincerely hope the Lord keeps me convicted in this.

You better believe I've been exercising my toosh off this week! Monday, the fiance and I met at my local gym for a side-by-side run on the TM. He has been working hard training for this race too! I did 4 miles in 37 minutes and burned 446 cals. Normally I'd have taken off Tuesday, but I had plans of a girl's night at Shorebreak's with pizza and cocoanut mojitos (yum!). So, I did 25 *hard* minutes of strength training and another 25 *hard* minutes on the elliptical, burning a total of 624 cals. Shorebreak's has the best pizza! We split a greek one. I have to say I really think I'm allergic to alcohol. I don't drink often as it is, and when I do, I just have one, rarely two. I only had one mojito last night, and my stomach was mad at me all day today! This actually always happens. Is it possible to be allergic to alcohol?

The fiance and I have really been watching our wallets lately, so we've been having to be more creative with date ideas. Lately we have really been into meeting eachother for brown bag lunches when we're at school, or just working out together. Today I accompanied him to the Virginia Beach Rock Gym (our good friend Chris's family owns it!). I wasn't planning on climbing myself (I'm so sore from my strength workout yesterday), but I couldn't NOT climb. It is a fun challenge. After, we did another TM run at the gym. I did 3.5 mi in 33 minutes, burning 385 cals. I intended to do at least 4, but my stomach wouldn't let me!

Onto wedding news: we ordered our "save the dates!" We created them ourselves and used VistaPrint to order them through. VistaPrint is awesome! We got 250 of them for under $40, including shipping. We definitely don't need 250, but the only lesser option was 100, and that was too few. We think they are very cute! Once they're sent out I will post a picture of them on here.

Enjoy family, food, and fellowship tomorrow!


Billy Colonna said...

I'm so glad that you wrote that first part, I feel exactly the same.

Forgot to mention my 2 miles in 17.5 minutes max HR: 181

Love you

chelseajean said...

sugar cookie sleigh ride.
yes please!!!