Thursday, January 1, 2009

This is the year...

...the year I get married! And graduate. And live in a new place. And run the race I've been training so diligently for. Can you tell I'm welcoming 2009 with enthusiasm?

The week started off rough in the way of running. Monday was supposed to be a quick and painless 2 mile run, but after having eaten fried chicken wings for lunch (?!) it was incredibly painful and just as discouraging as the pain felt during the 6 miler last Saturday. I left myself 4 hours at least after eating lunch to run, but my esophagus was still battling against my body. I still managed to run it at 1% in 18 minutes, with an average HR of 153 and peak of 170.

On Tuesday, a rest day, I happened to have my first real dress fitting! My mom and MOH came with me, and the dress fit great--I don't need a single alteration. I loved it even more and hated to take it off. It needs to be steamed, though, so I'm going back in about a week to pick it up and take it home for good. I wish I could post a picture, but that would be breaking the rules very much!

Wednesday I had to fit in my 3 mile run pretty early in order to have time to shower and make it to work. Since I can't stand first thing in the morning caffeine-free runs, I could only give myself an hour between my small cup of coffee and tiny granola bar breakfast and my run. Bad idea. The esophagus definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed, giving me a paaainful run! I actually was able to run the first 2 miles pretty quickly, but I had to shuffle along the last mile at a molasses pace. It took me 3o minute total. I was feeling really down, considering that was the 3rd run in a row with those incidents. I really should know better. I have gastroparesis, or paralysis of the stomach muscles, which means food stays in my stomach a lot longer than the average person, and that combined with my esophagus problems means I need to be super conscious of what and when I eat on running days. It takes a lot of planning, but running is worth it to me, so I have to suck it up and stop whining!

We rung in the new year at Chelsea & Justin's, along with some other fun people, and had an amazing time.
Counting down...
And sealed with a kiss!
I started the first day of the year off right with a quick and cleansing 2 miler on the TM at 1%, and I finished in 16:58! That's gotta be a 2 mile PR for me. It felt so refreshing to be able to run as fast as I wanted and not have pain. I hadn't eaten in 4 hours or so, and that did the trick. I burned 235 cals, had a peak HR of 176 (yeah!) and an average of 157. I ran another quarter mile to cool down at a slower pace as well, and then did some core/ab work with my little brother!
I am going through strength training withdrawal and hope to get my fix tomorrow. Also, the fiance thinks he has shin splints! He took the day off today and may take off the rest of the week as well.
Any resolutions?


Billy Colonna said...

Oh there is no way I skipping out on the 4 miles this Saturday. I look forward to running with you.

chelseajean said...

well atleast you are able to work out! justin got me sick. we have decided to stop getting sick and take many supplements!!! i loved so much ringing in the new year with you... it's going to be such an amazing year! i lovvvvvveeee you!