Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Me? China?


I last posted on the first day of the new year. Since then, I took off Friday (seems like so long ago--I can't even remember what I did this weekend). On Saturday, I ran 4 miles on the TM at 1% all by my lonesome...well, the fiance was there, but I made him bike/crosstrain instead since his shin splits were still bothering him. I actually hit another PR--two in one week! I ran it in 36:48. Unfortunately I forgot my HRM, but I'm pretty sure my HR was up there...I remember it being pretty challenging (but not painful!).

I was going to rest Sunday, but being glued to my desk addressing the save the dates had me craving an exercise break. I headed to the gym with the 4th and final Twilight book, where I did a total of 30 minutes on the elip and 20 strength training (yeah...it had been pushing 2 weeks since my last date with the weights...sigh). It was a great workout and I enjoyed doing something other than running at the gym. It was nice to switch it up and get back to the good old days where I'd be glued to a cardio machine with a book or magazine...reading and running don't really "go." I burned a total of 578 cals with an average HR of 143.

I had gotten mixed reviews from a co-worker about the 4th Twilight book, but man, I have to restrain myself from reading too often because I can't put it down! Intense.

Yesterday (Monday) I did my 3 mile TM run at 1% at Gold's for the sake of time and convenience...I've said it before and will say it again: I am never doing cardio at Gold's again! I don't think I've ever sweat so much in my life. My HR was at an average of 162 and peaked at 175. Pretty darn high for 3 miles. I did, however, make decent time: 27:35. I ran it fast to get it over with before I passed out from heat stroke. The gym was packed out, too. I hope everyone sticks with those resolutions!

I don't know if I mentioned it, but we completed our registry for Bed, Bath & Beyond. BOY was it stressful! It started out fun and exciting, but after a while we were just standing in the middle of the teapot aisle, scratching our heads. Good thing my mom was able to come back with us a week later and pick out basically everything...we are starting from ground zero here! One thing that really excited me (which surprised me because I didn't think I cared about this stuff) was picking out china! China never really interested me until I saw this:
Was it made for me? Bows are probably my favorite thing ever. We also spent the afternoon searching for apartments...and Lord willing, think we found a winner...guess we'll see within the next few months. I desire to be where the Lord wants us. I'm glad we're starting to look now, even though it's soon, because I tend to be hasty about this type of thing and get really excited, wanting to sign papers right away. I'm thankful the fiance worked for a property management company and knows the ins and outs of the rental world.
Signing off!


Billy Colonna said...

You forgot to mention that I knocked over that small shelf of kitchen goods.

We will find a comfortable place to start things out.

chelseajean said...

they were made for you.