Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve

Sorry for the delay! I assumed I'd be having the most relaxing break, but I've been so busy I haven't even had time to crack open Twilight in a week! Don't be alarmed, though, I have been keeping up with my training (I know you were worried).

In case anyone's interested, here is the training program we've been following to a T, straight from the Shamrock website. I'm really pleased with it. It progresses slowly and always seems challenging, but never unattainable.

Guess what? We already have our Valentine's Day date planned. We are going to be running the Virginia is For Lovers 14k! Romantic, huh? We aren't officially signed up yet, but have been meaning to do so. I'm doubly excited because it fits right in with our training program, which calls for an 8 miler that day anyway (I think the 14k is 8.62 miles if I'm not mistaken).

I had an amazing birthday, by the way, and *thanks* to all of you who made it possible. I took the day off from exercise on my actual birthday. The day after, Friday, I did a simple 2.25 TM run at 1% followed by 10 minutes on the elliptical, because the run didn't leave me sweaty enough. I chose to not wear my HRM that day because sometimes it's just uncomfortable! I always fidget with it when it's on. Friday night I had my birthday party at Shorebreak's!
Here is me in the center with all my pretty laydays:
The fiance, me, the bff, the bff's husband:
I love Joanna even though she's wearing my birthday crown:
The fiance and I did a side-by-side TM run for 5 miles on Saturday. I stayed at an incline of 1% (it's amazing how just 1% grade can make it feel so much harder!). I finished in 48:50 (slightly under 10-minute miles) and burned 548 cals with an average HR of 146. Not too bad at all--if only I wasn't suffering from esophageal problems the whole time :/
Sunday, of course, was a rest day:)
I woke up early on Monday to hit the gym before work. Sitting in my freezing cold car waiting for it to warm up in 26 degree weather, in the dark, was not very encouraging! I love late morning workouts, but I really don't care for early morning ones. They seem too forced! Sometimes you have to work with what you got, though. I did the 2 required miles at 1% (no HRM data here--forgot that, along with my ipod--talk about boring).
Today I met up with Chelsea at Gold's for our weekly strength sesh. Feeling the burn already! I was at the gym for 45 minutes, so I probably was only working for 30 minutes. We moved right along, though, and finished with our side plank competition: trying to beat each other out for holding the plank position the longest!
I am exhausted from holiday baking! Seriously, my back hurts from slaving away in the kitchen for so long tonight. Luckily, I just now (at almost midnight) found unexpected coverage for my shift at work tomorrow--so I get Christmas Eve off!
Tomorrow I solemnly swear to do what I can to run outside for once. It's supposed to be a lot warmer, but we'll see....

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chelseajean said...

that back ache was worth it!
lavender sugar cookies... i mean hello!!!